Washington Tacoma Mission; May 2012 - June 2013
Washington Federal Way Mission; July 2013 - May 2014

I want to share my testimony with you. I know God lives, he loves and cares about me and is very watchful of me. He is my Father in Heaven, I am his Son. Heavenly Father sent his Son, Jesus Christ to come to this earth, to show us the way to return to live with our Father in Heaven. Christ suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane for my sins, my bad days, and my hard aches willingly. He then died on the cross. He rose three days. He is my Savior, my Redeemer. I would have no hope without Jesus Christ. He is my Light and Life. I am so grateful for my Mother and Father here on earth. They have truly sacrificed so much for me to be here on a mission. Thank You. I know Joseph Smith saw God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ in the grove. Joseph restored the true and living church back to this earth, and because of that, i can take the sacrament each week, and be cleansed from sin. I love the temple so much, there is truly a spirit of power there. God is over this work. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission. May God bless you until we meet again. I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Monday, July 9, 2012

crying repentance to the sick and afficted brethern along the sea in the land of the Grays Harbor.

hey guys its my weekly letter although i have written to most of you i love writting this letter anyways.
so here i am ponder the things the contentions along the sea we are having with our lamanite brethern. we have labored throughout our days preaching repentance to the sick and afficted brethern along the sea in the land of the Grays Harbor.
haha i thought that might make you laugh a little. im doing really well i cant beleive its already been two months into this we are going a 100 mph and cant catch a breath. i love this work so much. i love this area so much. we had transfers as most of you know on the forth, now to put some knowledge in their minds. we had transfer meeting in the morning, then after that we had a mission wide BBQ in lakewood really close to fort lewis. and a fireside in the chapel there. it was pretty fun i caught up with my mtc district that was really cool. then after that we drove back to the land of aberdeen and went and saw some people then we had to be inside by 830 although that did not stop us from seeing some fireworks because as some of you people know that live in the northwest its like world war three out there. we got to see the big aberdeen show that was cool. my new companion is elder homer. he is really great and cool. i already feel that this transfer is going to be a good one. now we trade off with who drives and who has the cell phone so its kinda different having the cell phone. i really like aberdeen a lot. my companion has met uncle gary and aunt judy in graham thats were he came from last transfer. umm today might be kinda a slow day we might play football and do laundry because currently our dryer is broken so we are using the holbrooks. i love this work so much. im trying to remember to take pictures but alot of the times im to tired. i have been tired alot. you think even with 8 hours of sleep and going to bed at 1030 would help nope it doesnt. when you put your whole might mind and strength and so spiritual all the time it wears you done to the ground. i love this gospel so much. i know the book of mormon is true. i would invite you all to go to the lds.org website and listen or read elder hollands talk in the october 2009 conference safety for the soul this is my all time favorite talk. as of write now its a huge pick me up everytime i listen to it. again keep going guys i love you alot. miss you even more but two years is only seconds in gods time so dont worry just be happy. lean on chirst during the diffcult times in your life let him lift you up to greater heights he is your savior too. he lives today to help you and listen you through prayer let him in and let him help. i love te book of mormon so much because thats what it does. read it. ponderw what it says. again love you lots. i must now continue to cry repentance intil the end of my days in the land of the WA-TAC. this is my calling from jesus christ himself. i represent him in every means of my life and action.

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